Our 30 years of experience in the sports world gave us the ability to identify the biggest flaws in the today's market, especially during a period where the competition equipment have been suffering a technological evolution, making this area determinant for athletes hoping to reach the highest level.

This technological evolution is noticed because of the high prices and also because of the merchant's inability in assuming these prices.

It's necessary to have skilled knowledge about the needs and expectations in this universe so we can take risks while ordering stocks that take 6 months to disappear and, above all, having the ability to be aware of the innovations, displaying the latest news of the biggest brands.

This is our role, especially in a local (Lisbon) where there isn't any physical store where the athletes and relatives can see and try out the material. With our store, it is possible for athletes to buy the necessary equipment immediately, avoiding months of waiting.

We desire to take to each athlete many different possibilities of equipment, we believe in the relationship between our store and the athlete, in the collection of suggestion and also in the specific needs of each athlete. 

We have our store in Sport Algés e Dafundo since September 2014

Our motto: "You have the will, we have the methods

We count on you.